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Roses and Thorns

Our check in with staff today was about what is going well, what isn’t and where we are finding support.  Apparently the Obama’s do the same thing and call it “Roses and Thorns”.

Rose: I’ve established a routine in my classroom and most of my students, even the young ones are able to follow along.
Thorn: one isn’t

Rose: We had some great weather for the first week and all my students got introduced to the playground and the track.
Thorn: I have two students who have to be carried in from PE everyday because they are having trouble transitioning.

Rose: I’ve started conferring with students in their journals and I’m putting more work into the teacher side. “I am in the work”
Thorn: My students seem to be less mature every year, stamina is going to be an issue, even in sustaining play.

Rose: I know I’m starting the year off right – nice and slow, lots of play, structure to support transitions, building relationships.
Thorn: It feels crummy when my relationship with just one student -( a child) -( a 3 year old child) – (only on this planet for 36 months) – is in trouble.


Books for Saturday’s Child #2: Brave Bear

Another book I like for preschoolers.  More about it on this Books For Saturday’s Child page.

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I’m not doing it

I decided awhile ago that I didn’t want to rant on my blog – but let it be known, right now, I want to.

rant: to speak or shout at length in a wild, impassioned way

rant: a spell of ranting, a tirade

origin: late 16th century (in the sense  ‘behave in a boisterous way’) from Dutch ranten ‘talk nonsense, rave’

Yes I want to shout
I am feeling impassioned though not wild.
A nice tirade would feel good.

so there.