One Sunflower

labor day

on September 5, 2011

Labor Day is not supposed to be about labor.
And I really didn’t need to do the online training course today – I could’ve waited and done it at school tomorrow, or the next day or the next – the point is, I am going to have to do it sometime.
So I chose to do it today, at home where I can sit in my own chair, with access to my kitchen and other creature comforts, and knit.

Our Head Start centers are switching to a new assessment, Teaching Strategies Gold.  We have to take an online training course which consists of 4 modules of about an hour each.  You can’t skip through them because you have to hit the forward button after each section.  There are also little quizzes every so often. The quizzes are silly – the answers are so easy I wonder why they bothered to sprinkle them in the training unless they are just there to keep people following along.

So far I’m pretty impressed with the tool and am looking forward to using this system.

I’m almost through the third module but I reached a point where I’m going to have to do a practice assessment and test my reliability.  Seemed like a good place to take a break, after all, it’s Labor Day.


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