One Sunflower


on September 13, 2011

Whenever the first day rolls around, I get the same jitters I had as a first year teacher.  Even though I’ve done this before I haven’t really done this day before. The kids and families are different; it’s a brand new batch of students and because they are new, everything is new.

The difference between feeling the jitters and being jittery, is that the veteran teacher that I am whispers softly in my head, puts a hand at my back when I start to rush, and takes in the whole scene not just the crazy minute that just happened!

I’ve learned to make the first day a simple one – just enough structure to teach my students about the bathrooms, clean up, sitting together on the rug and that we are going to have fun together in preschool.  Because the parents are with me for part of the first day, I use their participation to reinforce the skills I want to see again the next day, and to show the parents that their young children can be independent and successful in school.

One of my students fell apart today – he is an extremely young 3 year old who has never been in a structured social setting before.  I can tell that his mom is going to need some guidance to strengthen her parenting skills.  But even in the chaos of him rolling around on the floor of the cafeteria, I took the time to communicate with her my goal to work on building a relationship with her son so that he will want to do the pieces of school that are going to be most challenging for him – transitions and following directions.  I don’t expect my students to have those skills on day one.  That is what preschool is for!

But he is just one of 17:  take a look at these pictures – pretty darn cute hunh?!!!!


5 responses to “yup

  1. Betsy says:

    We can only expect them to do what they know at the time! So true isn’t it that often we are teaching the parents too, they can only be held to the same expectation. Have a great year.

  2. elsie says:

    Beginnings are always difficult when there is the unknown factor. Experience calms those nerves and life moves along. What sweet ones you have in this group!

  3. Linda Baie says:

    You’re right-terrific photos! My granddaughter started a pre-school several weeks ago & had a rough time saying goodbye, but now loves it. You are wonderful to be a teacher to these young ones. I love my grandkids, but a whole class is something I think I’d have a tough time with. Thanks for a peep into your day.

  4. Marilyn says:

    As long as I taught, I never slept well the first week of school. Perhaps it is because transitions are not my forte. Perhaps it was excitement, the unknown, getting a rhythm going — who knows? But, veteran teacher or not, I never slept well the first week of school. Have a terrific year with all those lovely children.

  5. Those smiles . . . LOVE it! I also love the line, “I haven’t done this day before.” That is so true. I never sleep much for several nights right before school starts.

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