One Sunflower

Books for Saturday’s Child

on September 17, 2011

I’ve added a new page to my blog – the tab is at the top and is titled Books for Saturday’s Child.

Saturday’s child has to work for a living….

so the best thing I can do for my classroom of Saturday’s children is provide a foundation in literacy, hence this new page about my book choices. (I wrote a bit more about this project here.)

My first criteria for choosing a book is that the pictures tell the story –  I will teach my students to pay attention to pictures in books but I need the pictures to be worth paying attention to!

My second criteria is that the book  tell a compelling story.  It helps if the author has created one for me, but I’m not above using pictures to tell the story I read in them.

That’s it.  But it is way harder than you might think!
Here’s my test: I pick up a book and look at it without reading it at all. If the pictures interest me and I can guess at the story, then I give it a deeper look-see.  If the story is one I can imagine my young children relating to and the language of the story is rich, I know I’ve struck gold.

Try it yourself – let me know what you find.  Meanwhile, I’ll share a few of my finds.


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