One Sunflower

behind the numbers

on October 25, 2011

The administrator spent 20 minutes going over the data she’s been collecting for the past 4 years about our students in Head Start. Her Power Point showed a remarkable increase in social skills, oral language, understanding about letters and writing.  The rise of skills has coincided with new curriculum instruction focused on story modeling and writing.  But she asked us to reflect on what else is behind those great percentages.

Here is my reflection sheet about all that is behind those numbers:

yes, the curriculum has supported focused instruction by teachers taking an active role in modeling skills to students
the work is meaningful and meaning-making
we are becoming more successful at having targets – even for our youngest students
our staff is well educated and trained  – paraprofessionals and teachers have been receiving the same training in curriculum
there has been a renewed focus on developing relationships with students and community in the classroom
our professional learning community meets regularly and we’ve had outside expertise work with us

I love that I can say the work we are doing really will help our students be the learners they need to be as they move on in school – that the data reflects the same is icing on the cake.  The superintendent of our district has a driving question: Would you be doing the same thing regardless of whether you were mandated to – because it is best for the kids?  YES!


9 responses to “behind the numbers

  1. Juliann says:

    Great news and strong work!

  2. grade4wizard says:

    Cheer! It’s always the people not curriculum that is behind the change.

  3. Donna Smith says:

    How important to have paraprofessionals and teachers receive the same training in curriculum! Sometimes I think teachers want it to be a professional secret.
    Congratulations and continue to enjoy your work. It isn’t REALLY work then, is it?

  4. Linda Baie says:

    At my school we say that education is all of our business all of the time. I agree with Donna that your work with everyone in the training is important. And good for you all in the work you are doing.

  5. Ruth says:

    Woo-hoo! I’m glad you are feeling good about the work happening with your preschoolers. What an exceptional driving question from your superintendent.

  6. The best feeling of all is knowing you have been effective. Soak it up! It is good to hear some good news! I like your comment about your work being meaningful and meaning making.

  7. Tara says:

    I read this and could just feel how good YOU must feel! Bravo…it’s what teaching is all about: the kids!

  8. Betsy says:

    I second what Tara commented, it does feel great to be validated and have clear evidence to support what you are doing! I also wanted to thank you for the nice comments you have posted on my blog, it makes me feel good too! 🙂 Thanks so much.

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