One Sunflower

Owls 2012

Every other year or so I make owls a focus in our classroom.  We read Owl Babies, of course, and some non-fiction books to learn about these attractive birds.  They are easy for the students to draw. I also lead the students in a project where they have to follow directions to cut and glue ovals, triangles and half circles together to make owls.

This year I decided to split this project over two days because I was expecting a new student on Friday and wanted to see how well she used scissors.  Plus, since we are going to go on with the project by blow painting scraggly trees this week, I wanted her to have an owl for her tree.

So on Thursday I wrote the instructions out and, working in front of the students, I modeled how to make the owl.  Then I folded the instructions in half and told the kids we were going to stop after creating the bodies and finish the heads on Friday.

The students got busy and I was pleased that despite all the parts being the same, these little owls had their own personalities!

I went around checking on progress.  I just had to smile when I saw Miguel’s owl.  Miguel is a student with very little receptive English.  Without my bilingual aide to help me that day, he didn’t get any instructions in Spanish.  He could only watch me as I demonstrated the project and look at what his peers were doing.

Miguel took the parts and created an owl – a whole owl.  He is so artistic – I’ve noticed this time and time again.  I love his little owl.  There are skills, and then there are “skills.”