One Sunflower

The Egg

on April 16, 2012

The Egg by M. P. Robertson is one of my favorite books, and I’ve featured it as one of “Books for Saturday’s Child.”

This year I seem to be finding a variety of ways to engage my students in activities over time and then tie them together with a favorite story.  Such is the case with this “egg” project.

In March, I put out paint breyers and gave my students time to paint.  Some enjoyed making stripes, some just enjoyed the motion of painting and didn’t seem too concerned about design.

I saved all their painted paper.  Just before our spring vacation which coincided with the occasion of Easter Egg hunts, I demonstrated how I could draw an oval on my painted paper and cut it out to look like an egg. Then I went on to cut a zig-zag to make it look like it cracked open.  We had some fun thinking about what might come out of my egg.  I charged them to spend time over vacation thinking about what they might like to have come out of their egg.

When they returned to school, I read them The Egg.  They cut out their own ovals and those difficult zig zag lines and we did some practice pictures of creatures.

Last Friday they drew a final draft.  I’ve got to be out of the classroom for a few days but when I return, we will put our eggs and creatures on display and write stories to go with them.

a cat

a mama and her babies

a bunny

a dragon


4 responses to “The Egg

  1. djts says:

    This sounds like lots of fun! I want a butterfly to come out of mine. I think it would like more room than the chrysalis has for it. Maybe a whole dozen should come out with the same design as my egg would have. This will be a wonderful story starter for them.

  2. elsie says:

    I love the idea that you’ve extended and connected the learning. We need to get students to know that it takes time to develop learning. What artists you have!

  3. Betsy says:

    Love the pictures and the idea. So clever!

  4. This is fantastic! I love the magical creations by the children…imagining their special egg. I love the book The Egg, too!

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