One Sunflower

here I go again

It is time to renew my reliability with the CLASS observation tool.  I first wrote about my experience with CLASS  2 years ago. Becoming reliable means watching a lot of videos of teachers in classrooms and trying to see what the “master coders” see so that my scoring will match theirs.

Spending this much time with this assessment is causing me to have a few sleepless nights but I am being reminded of how much I like the tool.  It is also impacting my own classroom planning – which is what should be happening!

As I’ve been putting together the last few lessons for the year, I’m more aware than ever of the dimensions outlined in CLASS and how my relationships and planning can boost the effectiveness of my work with my students.

I think I’ll see if I can borrow the Flip camera again and record myself.  Maybe one of my colleagues who have already become “reliable” will take a look-see with me and help me evaluate myself.

Are any of you in K-3 using the CLASS observation tool to evaluate quality teaching?  I’d love to hear from you.