One Sunflower

job perks

on June 5, 2012

My year with preschool ends about a month earlier than the rest of the school – so – in April, knowing I would have some free time while school was still in session, I selfishly suggested a project idea to a colleague because I’ve been dying to do it.  I showed the second grade teacher the book, The Best Part of Me,  and told her I’d love to take the pictures if she wanted to do a class poetry project.  She took me up on it and involved the other second grade teacher as well. They did the real work of introducing the book, the concepts and providing lessons to support the writing – but I had a lot of fun talking and working with the kids to get the photos.


Both classes got brand new students in the middle of the project and the teachers were worried about helping these new boys jump in to work that had already begun.  I told them I would explain the project during the photo session. I took them to the brick wall we were using as a back drop and briefly explained how I wanted to take pictures of their favorite body part so they could write about it.  One boy spoke right up and told me he liked his hands.
The other boy was reluctant to answer and hung his head.  So I asked him what he liked to do in his spare time.  He said, “skateboard.”  So I suggested he stand the way he would on a skateboard and I’d take his picture that way. I shared this information with the teachers and it gave them a little kick-start on the writing portion – the students now had a subject to write about.

Everyone is really pleased with how the project turned out.  Parent helpers worked to photocopy the pictures and poetry so every student will get a book titled “Body of Poetry.”  I also had fun experimenting with a new feature on Picasa that lets me turn the photos into pencil portraits; the students are going to use them to make presents for Father’s Day.

I couldn’t resist putting together a collection of various body parts and making a collage for the school.  We will hang it down the hall near the third grade classroom so the students can enjoy it next year.


5 responses to “job perks

  1. Tara says:

    Great idea! How wonderful that so many people threw themselves into this project to make it extra special.

  2. Laura LA says:

    Sounds like a book I need to investigate. When I work with students new to the English language, we do a unit on the body and this project would be a great addition.
    But really, the best part of your post was hearing about how you volunteered your time and talent to work with the older kids and add some energy to end of the year for those 2nd grade teachers. Little gestures like this mean so much. Kudos.

  3. This is SO cool. Just love that photo collage – it packs such a powerful message. And those pencil portraits are gorgeous. Gonna be some happy Dads out there! You rock!!!!!

  4. Amy Rudd says:

    Nice idea on a project…I love the collage you created…

  5. I have no doubt that you could have spent your free time TRULY selfishly and gotten your thoughts and materials together for next year, yet you UNselfishly created this project and gave so many students (and teachers and families) such great memories of this year in their life. Yeay, YOU!

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