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pair share

on June 26, 2012

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If I’m ever stuck with an idea for a Slice of Life entry, I can always count on my fellow bloggers for a prompt.  Thanks to all of you doing the summer writing camp because your entries are inspiring me.  This one comes courtesy of A Year of Reading  and a mention of sketching before writing.

I have a sketchpad tucked inside my writing folder and probably doodle as much as I scrawl words.  My most recent doodle was inspired by a brother-sister duo at my church. The figures in my picture look less like the flesh and blood youngsters I know and more like the homeless waif and adventurous girl in the movie, Hugo.

Maybe a story will come but mostly my doodle reminded me of other famous friendships.  Frog and Toad, Toot and Puddle, Henry and Mudge, Owen and Mazee.   These characters have quirks, foibles, and the inspirational ability to forgive and forget.  Their steadfast friendships help us remember we, too, are capable of being loveable, doing the possible and impossible, and befriending others in our midst.

Here are two books I stumbled upon this week at my local library featuring such relationships.

Henry and Amy, by Stephen Michael King, is about a young boy described as being a bit out of step with everyone else.  He meets Amy, who is quite the opposite.  They become friends – of course – and a little bit of Henry rubs off on Amy and vice verse. Young children would enjoy this book – as well as newly weds.

Frank and Izzy Set Sail by Laura McGee Kvasnosky is set in my neck of the woods, the islands of Puget Sound.  My husband is very much like Frank, a bit afraid to go sailing and wanting to bring everything including the kitchen sink on a camp out.  Izzy is a bit more carefree, packing only a small bag.  Their little adventure stretches them both.

Another book introduced to me by my good friend, Margie at Courageous Wonderings,
is C. R. Mudgeon, by Leslie Muir.  I don’t have a picture – you will just have to read it and chuckle at the author’s imaginative and clever portrayal of characters with opposing personality traits.


6 responses to “pair share

  1. Terje says:

    I like the linking in this slice – your sketch, your thoughts, and list of books.

  2. This is great! Love how the sketch becomes your muse.

  3. Juliann says:

    Your sketch reminds me of my grandmother’s notebook, filled with little snippets of her children in sketch and words. I need to remember to add some sketching to my writing journal – thanks for the idea.

  4. Nice to hear all your thoughts about this, Amelia, the sketch & the pretty books. I love the old-fashioned looks of both. I know C.R. Mudgeon, a darling book with a wonderfully inventive title. Thanks for showing your notebook too.

  5. Amy Rudd says:

    Thanks for sharing your sketch!

  6. Betsy says:

    So many connections, loved your sketches. It is fun to draw in the notebook and I am glad to see you are doing the same!

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