One Sunflower

reflection – 2011-2012

on August 7, 2012

I’ve been reviewing and reflecting on the questions offered up by Ruth last May. With my work  beginning soon, I am ready to post my reflections on the last year and begin framing this one.

  • I learned…

Our whole district mucked around with formative assessment last year, and I mucked along with everyone else,  learning and practicing how to do this in a developmentally appropriate way with preschoolers.  My literacy curriculum was my lens as I refined my tools; I made a good start but I have a long way to go.

  • I was stretched by….

My experience of applying for a different job last year stretched me emotionally.  It was a long process because I ended up waiting a month to hear whether or not I was to be interviewed and then I went through two interviews before hearing that someone else was chosen for the job.

This experience stretched me emotionally, caused me to reflect on my values and goals and ended up being the equivalent of pushing a personal “reset” button.

  • I am excited about…

When I didn’t get the other job which involved curriculum development and mentor/coaching, I made a decision to do what I can to expand my role in my own district in these areas.  I’ve shared my ideas for next year with my colleagues.  I’ve also reached out to other preschool teachers I know who don’t have the systems of support I have with the goal of  collaborating  and creating a learning community. An email to a colleague at our regional district office with an offer to assist with trainings has brought a response as well.

  • I’m beginning to realize…

The partnering Head Start agency I work with is going through a lot of administrative changes.  It is going to take time for the dust to settle and for the positive aspects of these changes to take hold.  While this process is driving me crazy, I am realizing I’m a resource to the agency at this time. The work I have done in the past 5 years with our literacy curriculum and the training I’ve received to support the professional development of staff has put me in the position of being a “place holder.”  I can hold strands in place while the new hires get their footing.  I also know my personal strengths and interests will mean I’ll be doing more than just holding down the fort; I will be involved in supporting teachers to achieve their goals and move forward knowing the agency will stabilize and catch up.


4 responses to “reflection – 2011-2012

  1. luckygurl says:

    This is some important work you’ve done here. Desire is so powerful, isn’t it? I’m sorry you didn’t get the position you wanted, but I love how it pushed you to clarify your goals and proactively seek the experiences that will challenge you next. Excited to hear how doors open and what changes will come out of this. (Did you change the look of this blog? It’s so blue up there… I feel like I’m floating in Caribbean!)

  2. Donna Smith says:

    Writing all this out seems such a good thing! We don’t reflect enough on the things that can help us grow, and that affirm the good we’ve accomplished. Best wishes for a wonderful 2012-2013.

  3. Awesome reflections on last year. I can tell this will help you to be even more intentional in 12-13

  4. Juliann says:

    great reflections and what a good way to slide into thinking about what you might want for this upcoming school year

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