One Sunflower

breaking it down

on August 21, 2012

I volunteered to meet with a teacher friend of mine and her newly hired co-worker, to do a sort of mini-training on the way I get my students involved in story writing. I’m excited to do this; it helps me think about my work and I always learn something from someone else’s questions.

So I spent this past weekend going through my lesson plans, photos and samples of kid-work I kept from last year and I’m breaking my process down, thinking carefully about what I’ll be doing this year and why.

That’s the most important question.  If I came name the “why,” it will lead me to the what and the how.

7 responses to “breaking it down

  1. Donna Smith says:

    Sometimes that process gets so ingrained and automatic that it is helpful to break it down and analyze it for others, to help ourselves see it again in a new way. Have you ever done this and realized either what you are doing is truly great stuff, or that you have stopped doing a part that you used to do and should pick up on it again? Asking “why” is a great way to assure you are doing it for a good reason, and not just because you like to!
    Have a great year! Why not?

  2. showgem says:

    Thanks for the reminder of asking why? So often we get caught up in the race of things that we forget the purpose.

  3. I’m working with 3 interns in an alternative licensing program this year in addition to all the teachers. The meeting we had with the program last night said almost the same thing, Amelia. To give much support to these new teachers by consistence in explaining why. You’ve said it exactly, Amelia.

  4. Naming the why is the hardest part. But you’re right, if you can do that then you’re so there!

  5. In today’s world of new standards, technology opportunities for students, and a focus on quality interventions – among other things – “why” is the most important consideration we must make. Thank you for such a good reminder of this.

  6. Juliann says:

    We can all learn from the questions of our colleagues – we just need to talk less and listen more 🙂

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