One Sunflower

It’s all about the process, but it’s nice to capture their thinking too..

on October 2, 2012

The paintings of a preschooler are mostly about the process – lots of color, lots of strokes, lots of texture.  But occasionally a student applies paint to paper in such a way the markings remind them of something. I love that moment but if I’m not there to catch their “Eureka” it is gone and usually painted over – because after all, painting is an experience and young children love to get the most out of a slobbery paint cup and brush.

Last week, my aide just happened to catch one of our students naming what she saw in her painting.  She quickly wrote it down and then offered to get Stacey a new piece of paper.  Eureka moment preserved.


4 responses to “It’s all about the process, but it’s nice to capture their thinking too..

  1. Tara says:

    So sweet! They are always so intent when they paint at that age.

  2. I echo Tara – so sweet! Love that you caught the words. I love how preschoolers paint so freely, as if without intention – I have had them exclaim “Oh my, look it is a xyz!” as if they had no idea their paint strokes could create this. Adorable!

  3. pamelahodges says:

    So fun to see the two students exploring with paint and brushes. So much to learn by doing.

  4. Jenny Anderson says:

    It’s nice to find someone else who gets excited about stuff like this! Are you seeing in rainbow yet? I am taking a break on entering checkpoints to see what else is going on!

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