One Sunflower


on November 20, 2012

n. a spirit of familiarity and trust existing among friends

The email came last Friday, only the second day of our long week of parent/teacher conferences.  Intense meetings with parents was reminding a fellow teacher about her own family and she wrote:

“It makes me feel more like a family when I hear  about your families and share about mine.”  Included in the email were photos of her kids and one of herself as a child in her dad’s lap.

About an hour after her note another one came from our principal, a proud daddy eagerly waiting for the end of a long day so he could drive south to watch his daughters compete in a championship soccer game. “I’m just busting at the seams with pride too…”

At the start of this year, our staff made some promises to each other to boost our collegiality.  One of the suggestions for how we could do this was something we’ve come to call “rah rah” – the act of supporting and cheering for each other.

I’m hoping these emails continue this week.  I hope to hear more about the families behind my comrades here at school.  I put forth my own two cents today with this letter, poem and these pictures:

“We couldn’t do what we do with the intensity we do it if we didn’t have the loving support of family, friends, pets, colleagues.  Going home exhausted each night, it is those who sit across from us at the dinner table or who call us on the weekend to see how we are doing, or who nuzzle us as we (finally) relax, that fill us up so we can do it all again.

I was inspired to write a poem about my sources – and I hope someone else will pick up the torch now and continue the sharing.  This is a time of year to express gratitude not just for those sources but for the incredible work done each day as we are sources for our kids, their families and each other.”

Time and Time Again

Time and time again, in time 
I steadied with hand,
lifted to shoulders,
guided with words,
motioned with glances.

You were a child, my child,
a growing child,
the love of my life,
loosed by birth into the world
and I held you safe in my arms.

Now with time,
and more time gone,
no longer a child but still my child,
my grown up child,
you walk with a stride so strong and sure,
standing shoulder to shoulder,
and eye to eye with me.

But time and time again,
we’ve remembered to lean into each other.
Your hug on my shoulders lifts me up,
your  touch on my hand steadies my way,
loving words spoken,
knowing glances shared between us.

My child, my child, my forever child,
you’re the love of my life for all time,
loosed in the world
but held tight to my heart. 


3 responses to “comraderie

  1. Laura LA says:

    What a beautiful tradition you and your colleagues have begun. Those “rah rah” sentiments will likely save the day for one of you when nothing else seems to be going right. And, getting to know each other this way will help build true teamwork and collaboration in all areas.

  2. elsie says:

    The more you know, the more you care. Beautiful poem and to share that with your comrades, priceless!

  3. It’s a wonderful idea to share, Amelia, & your poems always inspire me to do better in the capturing I want to do. Like the ‘bricks’ your women’s group decorated, you seem to help people take note of who is important in their lives, & share.

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