One Sunflower

I’ll be coming around the mountain

It is time again – for the staff at my school to revisit their cycles of inquiry, and process the data/evidence we’ve been collecting over the quarter.  We are part of a grant this year so there is extra money and extra time for every one to do this work which is great.  But of course a different timeline and agenda for the work puts everyone in a tizzy.

I came back from Thanksgiving Break with a pall of gloom over my head as I anticipated the Dec. 5th deadline.  My head was trying to remember the glorious goals I set for myself in September and get back on track with the reflective processes I set in motion in October.  Somehow the month of assessments and conferences in November got me way off the path.

But a short meeting with our teacher-leaders for this process and an email from the principal with some guiding questions to consider has worked like a “trip check” from Triple A.  I think I’m back on track and feeling less like I have a flat tire and more like I’m going for a taxi to the airport.

Of course I’m the one who has to pack and call the taxi — but I can do it, I’ve got the guidance to move forward.