One Sunflower

in what other profession….

on January 2, 2013

sols_blueToday was a teacher work day for our staff.  A day to continue our work grappling with cycles of inquiry, the 5D out of the University of Washington and at the core of it all, sharing and documenting our work as teachers of children.

Other professionals have such clear evidence of success – surgeons, investment bankers, real estate agents, lawyers, vacuum cleaner salesmen.  The only other profession I can think of that sometimes has to wait for evidence of “success” are religious houses.  Would a pastor be asked to document evidence of transformation?

Is there a test for that?

I am glad our staff is taking part in a process to determine our own hoops.  I know some of my colleagues are frustrated but I love it.  I love the questioning and the self examination and the desire for evidence.  Yes!  I actually celebrate that I am sifting through and lifting up my student work and making sure it answers the questions I have as a professional about my skill as a teacher.


2 responses to “in what other profession….

  1. It is the doing of the “hard stuff” that helps us grow – and when we “embrace” that hard stuff – as you have – the process is so much easier and so worthwhile! Glad it is going well.

  2. Juliann says:

    Great observation!

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