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My art

 My art is another part of how I process the world around me.  It has become difficult to separate my blogging from my art so I decided to make a page that is dedicated to featuring my latest works.

Mostly I dabble in what people call “fabric art.”  I make wall hangings and small gifts of fabric, yarn, thread, beads and other trinkets.    I also make small sock dolls that I call Journey dolls.  I started them in 1998 as gifts for friends of mine that were either traveling or in transition and they have become popular by word of mouth.  I usually have some sort of knitting I’m working on and I’ve dabbled in collage.

From February 2008 to February 2009 I worked on a journal quilt, creating 43 five inch squares over the course of a year and journaling about the work. 

I like having work that I can do in my lap.  I’m inspired by words and images, textures and materials.  I can’t stop creating so it makes sense to merge my projects. 

One response to “My art

  1. […] August 5, 2010 by Juliann I don’t usually mess with wet mediums – fabric and paper are my preferred materials for creative processing.  But I got this little paper sample book and I do have a bottle of gesso and I have been browsing this magazine all summer so I thought, maybe this is the thing I need to do now.  I am heading back to work today – just a few hours for the first few days, but I need something to pull me back to the “not at work” state of mind.  So far I have prepped about half the pages inside and will do the rest tonight.  Not sure what will go into this little art journal but I am inspired by so many things, especially the work of this fellow teacher. […]

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