One Sunflower

Poem Project – entry #18 Butterfly

Slice of life story and art, for more about SOL, see Two Writing Teachers link on Home page.

My children, ages 22 and 26, are in various stages of metamorphosis.  Unlike nature, their cocoons are worlds they have made for themselves, with help from family and friends.  Like a chrysalis in nature, these woven worlds cling tightly, are able to withstand the most wild of outside elements and are delicate to emerge from.  But whereas the caterpillar makes its own way in the world, I know there is a role for me to play with my children in this dance of emergence.

I imagine myself, perched in a nearby branch, ready to wrap or release, depending on my children’s current life cycle.

Emerging from its clingy embrace
the butterfly steps to the edge of the chrysalis husk,
surveys a world once finite, now infinite.
Tentative wings open to the breeze
and then,
it simply flies away.
“Here is your sweater, it’s still a bit chilly.”
“No it isn’t momma! Let’s go, I want to find that krissy thing!”
I tuck the sweater under my arm and follow my dancing daughter down the sidewalk.  I had told her about finding a chrysalis the previous day and now she was eager to see it for herself.  We head towards the edge of the park where I had found the translucent shell hanging from a branch.  I search carefully to find it again, and pull the limb down gently for my daughter to see.
“When will it hatch momma?”
“I don’t know honey, every butterfly is different.”
We turn and start walking again.  The sun ducks behind a cloud and the air turns cold.  “I want my sweater now.”  I wrap it around her and she reaches out to hold my hand as we head back home.  I know we will come back each day hoping to witness that special moment when the butterfly emerges from the dusty husk of its chrysalis.

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6 responses to “Poem Project – entry #18 Butterfly

  1. Stacey says:

    What a gorgeous picture to accompany the strong images in your slice. Is that your own artwork?

    • onesunflower says:

      Yes – my art journaling ends up being as important to me as my teacher journal and it seemed silly to keep switching between blogs. I think my family appreciates a one-stop-blog!

  2. mag says:

    Love it! Is it a collage of paper or fabric? Growing children never stops. Some take longer to work their way out of the cocoon than others. love the thought.

  3. I especially relate the this part: “ready to wrap or release.” We do have to be flexible, don’t we.
    This art is practically perfect in its understated message. Your writing ties it all together.

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