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Poem Project – entry #19 Mending

Mending  by Luci Shaw

Here I am, a needle in time,
a sharpness glinting through some poor
torn paisley of fabric, pulling the swift nerve of my suture
behind me through invisibility, then flashing
back out, eager for the next stitch and the next,
a hopeful mending of what will never be
a seamless garment.
As the fabric of seasons shrinks,
shreds again – fibers of old cloth
wearing thin, needing to be rewoven –
my failed needle waits for a spool of fresh, glowing thread,
keeping itself steel bright and its point
quick and its eye open
for the next rip.

This poem was just a starting point for my picture.  I appreciate Ms. Shaw’s poetic interpretation of the life work I try to do, going forth into every day putting the past and painful experiences behind me, looking to make each day as new, hopeful and fulfilling.

At the same time I was reading Luci Shaw’s book of poetry, I stumbled upon this fabric and the artist who designed it, Julie Paschkis.  If I played around in the mediums she uses, I would want to create work similar to this – folksy, colorful, rounded and playful.

So as a contrast to the poem, I picture myself going out into the world with my flashing needle and glowing thread, trying to create the world I want to be in.  Because frankly, I’m really not one to look backwards for ripped seams.  Rather than sewing rough edges together, I’d rather apply a new patch of something I’ve discovered or been given along the way.

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2 responses to “Poem Project – entry #19 Mending

  1. Juliann says:

    I have just discovered Luci Shaw and I saw Julie Paschkis at a local quilt shop this spring. I have been drawn to her children’s illustrations for some time now so it was fun to put that together with the fabric. I, too, would rather forge ahead instead of looking back at ripped seams.

  2. Momboli says:

    I love your people.. running around with needle and thread.

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