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gifts of the spirit


I’ve been a bit preoccupied with some projects – some of my own making, some at the request of others.  Now that the events  have passed, I can post comments and pictures of these gifts on my blog.  

I was invited to make a stole as a gift for our new pastor who was installed on Friday.  I was a bit intimidated by the project.  I requested some time with the committee that interviewed him so that I could gather some information about him, what inspires him, what he is passionate about.  I was surprised at the sparking that occurred from that conversation.  I came home with ideas and started messing with them in my head all night long.  I knew I would have to get the project done or it would interfere with everything else I was trying to do.   The design is based on this pastor’s love of “passing the peace,” an act that is meant to bring all to a place of equality and invite God’s presence in.  Our new pastor also spoke of the importance of his relationship with his partner and the significance of their marriage – something not possible in very many states at this time.  So I wanted to be sure that his partner’s hands were a part of the design.  I am an amateur, I know that it is the story behind the stole that is more significant and meaningful than the quality of the thing itself. 


I was also asked to create some journey dolls for some young women graduating from high school soon and one for someone graduating from nursing school.  It is fun for me to put those together.

And I’ve been knitting.  But one of my sweater projects is driving me nuts.  I finally tucked it away because I’m frustrated with it.  I have some other sweaters I want to knit and although I like to get one done before I move on to another,  I decided that  enjoying what I was doing was way more important than finishing.  So after a visit to my mom’s yarn stash in her basement, I’m happily in the first few rows of a new sweater project!

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